Knock Em Dead

Knock Em Dead

Mar 8

07:00 pm

09:30 pm

Rochester Borough Theater

350 Adams Street Rochester 15074

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R-ACT Theatre Productions

R-ACT Theatre Productions presents “Knock ‘Em Dead” by Tom Oldendick & Will Roberson. Two performances Friday March 8th & Saturday March 9th, 2019 at the Rochester Borough Theater 350 Adams St, Rochester PA 15074This unique murder mystery is a “you-solve-it” comedy, so every performance could have a different ending.All hell breaks loose, and the laughs fly when five outrageous contestants show up at Vinnie's Belly Laugh Club for the final talent competition. A ventriloquist with moving lips, a foul mouthed stand up comedienne, a baton twirling bimbo, the flamboyant owner of a lip synching poodle, a chanteuse with a questionable accent, and a hypnotist with a twitch all fight to win the grand prize. When Vinnie turns up dead, they're all suspects, and the audience will have the time of its life grilling them and fingering the murderer.Doors open at 6:00pm, shows start at 7:00pm. Concessions available.Tickets $12, available through Showclix via or by telephone 1-888-71-TICKETS