12th Annual History Celebration Weekend

12th Annual History Celebration Weekend

May 2

10:00 am

04:00 pm


Various Museums throughout Beaver County

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Beaver County Tourism

Celebrating Women
Most of our history has been written about men by men, and as a result, the role of women has been mostly overlooked. The 2020 Beaver County History Celebration will make a humble attempt to rectify this oversight when we take the weekend to celebrate the contributions of women in all aspects of our history from the beginning through the present. From the earliest days, women worked and even fought alongside men to build a better life for their families while sharing the hardships and dangers of an unforgiving frontier. Throughout our history, it has been women who stood up against slavery and who helped to operate the Underground Railroad that ran through the heart of Beaver County. It was also women who stood against injustice, demanded the right to vote, helped build an arsenal that defeated evil and who serve as our conscience in time of war and peace. They are our mothers, sisters and wives whose strength and determination helped to build a nation and who now help to remind us who we are and the values that we stand for. We’d greatly appreciate hearing about the strong, wonderful women that may not have made our collections but have had an impactful part of history that may need to be documented. Join us as we celebrate their contributions!