Midsummer and Murder

Midsummer and Murder

Aug 7

7:00 PM

9:00 PM


Grace Lutheran Church Hall

393 Adams Street



The Osprey Cottage Hotel has stood on the shores of Lake Erie for over one hundred years, but it may not last much longer. Developer Wilmer Babcock plans to take over the property, tear down the hotel, and bulldoze the beach. Unfortunately for him, he succumbs to a poisoned drink. Who could have fed him that fatal refreshment? Captain Jonah Briggs, the retired ship captain who runs the hotel as if it were his old ship? Millie Haney, the slovenly, lazy, and incompetent hotel maid? Zephyr Serenity, the hippie, dippy, trippy painter who comes to the hotel to commune with nature? Spencer Collins, the archaeology professor haunted by a tragic incident in his past? Gwyneth Collins, who was hoping a second honeymoon would cure her husband? The beach life guard Kirk Kent, the awkward nerd who turns into an Adonis whenever he puts on his life guard clothes? It will be up to the doddering spinster, Emmaline Partridge to save everyone’s summer vacation and solve the murder.