Annual Beaver County History Celebration Weekend

Annual Beaver County History Celebration Weekend

May 4

10:00 am

05:00 pm


Vicary Mansion

1235 Third Street Freedom 15042

(724) 775-1848

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Beaver County Historical Research & Landmarks Foundation

Join us a we celebrate our history! All museums will be open and waiting to greet you.What is the history behind food in Beaver County? How was it grown, transported and prepared? Why do we eat the things that we eat? How have the foods of different ethnic groups and eras evolved? Our food has been influenced by the Native Americans who once roamed this land as well as the settlers who later farmed here. It was further shaped by the many nationalities who arrived to work in our steel mills, as well as the individual entrepreneurs who established our hotels and restaurants. In addition, wartime food and its preparation varied greatly from home to the battlefront. As our county population grew over the years and more leisure time became available, food played an increasingly important role in community, church and school activities. If you would like to find out more about the evolution of our tastes in food, please plan to visit any or all of our 17 Beaver County historical sites. Saturday 10AM-5PM; Sunday 12-4PM Click to see this weekend brochure: