Murder and Merry Men

Murder and Merry Men

Sep 21

07:00 pm

09:00 pm

Grace Lutheran Church Hall

393 Adams Street Rochester 15074

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R-ACT Theatre Productions

An original murder mystery written by local playwright, Larry Spinnenweber. Come see an audience participation show set in jolly ‘ole England. Robin Hood and his Merry Men have been accused of murder. Was it one of them or one of their royal guests? A show the whole family will enjoy (12+)!

It is 1193, and Richard the Lionheart, King of England, has been captured on his way home from the Crusades and is being held prisoner. His ransom has been stolen and its couriers murdered. Who could have performed such a crime, a crime that would keep England’s king a captive when she needs him most? Was it his hypochondriac brother, Prince John, who wants the throne of England for himself? Was it Robin of Loxley, the dashing outlaw known as Robin Hood? Could it be Robin’s right hand man, Little John, who is tired of living in Robin Hood’s shadow and wants to turn the spotlight on himself? Maybe it was Wilma Scarlet, Merry Woman and medieval feminist who wants more rights for women? Or was it the Lady Marion Fitzwalter, King Richard’s ward and a woman who is tired of having decisions made for her? Perhaps it was Maid Marion’s gentlewoman, the Lady Audrey, a woman who collects secrets as some people collect stamps? Could it have been Eleanor of Aquitaine, the powerful Queen Mother who loves her power? Or, is the fat Franciscan, Friar Tuck, a suspect or a detective?